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It takes a lot to put on the Iron Dog every year, and now you can help! If you follow the Iron Dog every year, please consider helping the Iron Dog continue its long history of white knuckle racing!


Recognizing our Volunteers

It’s hard to recognize everyone personally, but we are trying to get everyone’s name listed in our Volunteer Hall of Fame page. Go see the list of volunteers who make this race possible!

To be a part of the longest, toughest snowmobile race in the world, volunteer! Please please complete the Volunteer Sign Form and we’ll reach out to as we prepare for the coming events. Thank you!


Volunteer jobs for Anchorage 2015

Note: Many of these roles are available in Nome and Fairbanks too. Let us know where you can join in!

Sales and merchandising:
Help setup and cleanup our retail sales at events, sell merchandise & raffle tickets and generally helping to give every visitor a positive experience. This includes our Expo, Flying Iron Freestyle shows and the downtown Start on Saturday. (2/18/15 – 2/21/15)

Snow/trail setup and maintenance:
We’re looking for a large team of volunteers to help us setup and cleanup of the downtown course. Jobs include helping with snow setup, event fencing and then acting as an official to help keep the course safe from pedestrians, keeping snowmachines on course and ensuring that the snow is in good condition after every rider passes. This includes overnight work and all-day trail monitoring on Saturday (2/18/15 – 2/21/15)

  • Snow setup. We’re looking for more businesses, volunteers and partners to help us move snow into the downtown area and keep it in great condition during the events.
  • Fencing crew. Working with the Municipality, we’re expecting to need a large crew of 20+ people to help us setup the event fencing during the day Thursday at the freestyle event and again (2/19/15) overnight on Friday (2/20/15) from 9:00pm to early morning Saturday (2/21/15).
  • Trail Guards. (Public Relations/Safety) Positions available from 4th Ave to Port of Anchorage. Duties include keeping trail clear of pedestrians; adding snow back to the trail at roadway/trail crossings.

Hospitality and greeters:
Give back to our volunteers, racers, staff and sponsors by helping with hospitality projects. Jobs include setting up and organizing our hospitality rooms & tents, serving coffee, water, snacks (inside and outside), greeting visitors, monitoring rooms, providing information and giving directions. These roles are all about improving the overall experience for all our volunteers, racers and fans. (Feb 21, 2015)

  • Room monitors. Keeping our volunteer, staff, VIP and sponsor personal belongings safe.
  • Street teams. Work with our sponsors and other volunteer teams with additional help with giveaways, swag and/or beverage services.
  • Food and beverage help. Work inside tents, hotel conference rooms or other locations setup as warming areas.
  • VIP/special guest liaisons. Help us give our special guests a guided experience of the events.

Event crews:
These roles include helping with a wide variety of projects related to getting setup and cleaning up the events. Some specific projects include:

  • Racer parking. Early morning Saturday to about 9:30AM (2/21/15) assist racers with information on where to unload and where to park their trucks/trailers.
  • Runners. Help our staff, emcees and those working the events with general “right hand” assistance. This could be a simple as a bottle of water to making a run to AIH for supplies. (2/18/15 – 2/22/15)
  • Security. Augmenting the Anchorage Police and hired security company staff, we’re looking for a few more to help with basic information, public relations and acting to help keep the spectators pointed in the right direction during all our events in downtown Anchorage. (2/20/15-2/21/15)
  • General setup crew. Friday (2/20/15) setup of the Flying Iron Freestyle show. Early Saturday (2/21/15) help setup tents, displays and related signage for the 4th Ave start.
  • Tear down crew. Saturday evening (2/21/15) and Sunday (2/22/15). Help us return the Start and Freestyle show areas to a condition better than how we found them.

If you’re up to the challenge, we would very much like to talk with you. We’re gathering contact information right now via the website or you can call (907) 563-4414 to let us know you’re interested. Sometime in early February we plan to hold a few volunteer meetings to get you more details on the dates, times, positions and roles we hope you can fill.


Volunteer Sign Up Form