Nome Live Stream

Watch Live from the Nome City Garage Special thanks to South Anchorage High School for providing the camera and to GCI for the connectivity in Nome.


Throttle Tuesday

by Harriett Hamilton Fenerty Wow what a night……I tried to sleep, couldn’t….. kept looking at the clock…..decided, if the racers aren’t sleeping, the wives aren’t sleeping, I should get up and pack and just listen for the pings!!!! The GPS page lit up like a “Blue Light Special” at the old K-Mart. Racers are separated by


Monday Update

by Harriett Hamilton Fenerty Monday Morning McGrath The leaders of the 2014 Iron Dog are enjoying a breakfast, making a plan and will be back on the clock sometime this morning getting close to 11:14 AM…….yesterday’s race stat sheet proved that even Mother Nature won’t hold back a good old Iron Dogger…..especially the veteran racers. The