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2014 Prizes at Record Level

The Iron Dog Race announces the 2014 Purse. The Iron Dog purse reaches an all-time record for 2014. Now at $248,350 in overall available prizes, we are very grateful for the great sponsors who make it possible. Be sure to check out the list below and say thank you to a sponsor for supporting this


Donlin Gold

Donlin Gold has been a great sponsor since 2011. The support we receive from Donlin Gold has been tremendous, and we are grateful for their ongoing commitment to reach out to communities along the Iron Dog trail. Every year since 2011, they have sponsored the Gold Rush Prize for the fastest Pro Class to our

awards - red carpet

2014 Contingency Prizes

$119,750 in Iron Dog Contingency Prizes Last updated. February 2, 2014 *Denotes product or service value/ not cash. Award Details will be received by Race Participants prior to the Race Event Start. **certificate is based on the individual, is non-transferable and only valid for the 2015 event. ***Max payout potential is $7,000 as there are only two