Iron Dog Start

2015 Dates & Future Plans

Race Week 2015 Details on 2015 are very preliminary, but here’s a list of plans being considered. Race Week & Finish (February 18-28) Finish weekend has been scheduled for February 28, 2015 in downtown Fairbanks. We plan to use the Westmark Hotel again as our Official Hotel and HQ. Race Start (Dates TBD) The downtown Anchorage


The Morning After

by Harriett Hamilton Fenerty Well here we are again another year of Iron Dog racing. I have been at it for as long as a few of the fantastic racers……I am finally of majority age if we think that is 18,,,,,at my Iron Dog age, I am able to vote, I would be able to race


Friday Morning

Here we are, Friday morning…..the Mother Nature light has been getting smaller….just like the distance between the racers and the finish line. The leaders are in the second LO sitting in Galena, arriving at 1:52 AM…..I see their split times don’t add up to the 98 MPH they had going North, but they are first


Notice: Racers Must Go Overland

Notice to racers and fans of the Iron Dog After careful consideration by Iron Dog race marshals who were in consultation with local experts on the condition of the sea ice between Nome and Unalakleet. The racers must go overland from Golovin to Elim. Teams are not allowed to go around Moses Point. Specifically, if racer


Full Tilt Boogie Thursday

by Harriett Hamilton Fenerty It is dark and cold in Nome this morning…..the SOUTHBOUND section of the trail is about to rear its ugly head. Starting this morning at 8 AM teams will begin their journey back toward Ruby and see some new trail heading to Tanana tomorrow……Although Team #27 will have a tiny advantage since


Who is Micah Huss?

by Harriett Hamilton Fenerty He lives in Willow but he is from Kotzebue, neighbor to Shane and Tammy Barber, he ran the Iron Dog with Cliff Johnson, he is a die hard Grasshopper racer, he can use a wrench with enthusiasm, work on sleds just like he showed us today on the Polevaulters of Team #10


2014 Nome Work Time

Here’s the current list of Nome Work Time and Departures as of February 20, 2014 – 11:05 Alaska Time. Note: Only a few more work times left to enter…stay tuned. /kk Nome Work Time & Departures Detailed Nome Work Time & Departures



Powering the Iron Dog HQ iTWOrks of Fairbanks has been supporting the Iron Dog race headquarters with great Apple computers and technical support to make our operations go smoothly. Their expertise is invaluable and we can only say great things about their team. Whether you’re near the Start of the Iron Dog in Wasilla or