Hall of Fame


Bob Gilman

Hall of Fame Inductee: Bob Gilman Bob Gilman moved from Montana to Alaska in 1978 at the age of 16. He found his way to the Kotzebue area and began running a trapline in the Kobuk Valley. He put on a lot of miles on his Yamaha snowmobiles and entered a couple of races there,


Randy Moss

Hall of Fame Inductee: Randy Moss Randy Moss arrived in Alaska in 1970 and one of the first people he met was Iron Dog Hall of Famer Ray Debenham. Ray and Randy became good friends and explored Alaska on dirt bikes and snowmobiles as Ray embarked on one adventure after another. After traveling to every

Mark Carr 2012 Hall of Fame Inductee

Mark Carr

Mark Carr has one of the best records in Iron Dog history. He entered his first race in 1994, finishing 4th with Dusty Van Meter.

Butch Novak 2012 Hall of Fame Inductee

Butch Novak

Butch’s experience with the Iron Dog Race began as a competitor in the trophy class…in 2010 Butch retired from SBS and the Iron Dog Board, but his legacy will live on.

Dick Newton

A long time volunteer living in Takotna, Dick has managed the Ophir checkpoint with his wife Jan and local school kids since the late 1980s.

Ray Debenham Galena 2011

Ray Debenham

A former racer and Board member, Ray has been our volunteer checker at Galena and host sponsor of our Anchorage headquarters for many years.

Sherry Smith & April Reilly

Sherry and April earned their title as early pioneers for the Iron Dog. Without the dedication and volunteer commitment, the race would have met an early end. Sherry and April combined their spirits, to raised funds. The girls were a welcome site to racers along the trail, and developed a Bush Telegraph System. The girls

Barrow Morgan

Barrow Morgan had a unique ability to get people excited about the Iron Dog. From establishing relationships in villages to opening his shop to racers, Barrow provided unparalleled support for many years. Barrow’s heart was dedicated to helping young racers make their mark. His heritage and excitement of racing has been handed down through the

Harriett Fenerty

Harriett was instrumental in the success of the Iron Dog. Arriving in 1996, she was able to provide not only financial stability, but increased racer participation. Her devotion to not only the Iron Dog, but to each individual was a vital part of the organization. Each year that Harriett provided leadership; the race grew. Without